VirtualBox 2.1.4 atnaujinimas

kovo 15, 2009 – 11:55

VirtualBox logotipas Prieš šiek tiek daugiau nei mėnesį Sun buvo išleidus VirtualBox 2.1.2 atnaujinimą. Tačiau tuo metu klaidų sekimo įrankiuose mirgėjo daug pranešimų apie VirtualBox 2.1 klaidas ir daug kas nerekomendavo naudoti šios versijos. Tiesa, ir dabar autoriai įspėja, jog tai nėra galutinė versija. Jeigu turite problemų su šia versija – bandykite naudoti 2.0 versiją.
Jeigu iki šiol naudojote 2.1 versiją – pastebėsite padidėjusią spartą ir stabilumą.

Pakeitimų sąrašas anglų k.

  • Windows hosts: fixed host crashes/hangs on certain 32 bits Windows systems when running Linux guests (bugs #1606, #2269, #2763)
  • Windows hosts: fixed network component BSOD issue (bugs #3168, #2916)
  • Windows hosts: fixed installation issues (bugs #2517, #1730, #3130)
  • Linux hosts: fixed occasional kernel oopses (bug #2556)
  • Linux hosts: fixed module dependency for shipped modules (bug #3115)
  • Linux hosts: moved the udev rules for USB forward so that they don’t override existing system rules (bug #3143)
  • Linux hosts: fixed the issue with guest not being able to communicate with each other when attached via TAP interfaces (bug #3215)
  • Linux hosts: give up probing for USB gracefully if dbus or hal are not available (bug #3136)
  • Linux hosts: fixed warnings in installer when SELinux was disabled (bug #3098)
  • Linux hosts: VirtualBox sometimes failed to start if it had been started using sudo previously (bug #3270)
  • Solaris hosts: fixed high CPU load while running many guests in parallel
  • Solaris hosts: fixed inability to start more than 128 VMs
  • VMM: fixed performance regression for Windows guests (bug #3172)
  • VMM: ignore CPU stepping when restoring a saved state/snapshot
  • REM: fixed inability to use gdb to debug programs in Linux guests with software virtualization (bug #3245)
  • GUI: fixed dead key handling on Solaris hosts (bug #3256)
  • GUI: in the shutdown dialog, disable the action send the shutdown signal if the guest is currently not using ACPI
  • GUI: suppress additional key release events sent by X11 hosts when keys are auto-repeated (bug #1296)
  • API: restore case insensitive OS type name lookup (bug #3087)
  • VBoxHeadless: really don’t start X11 services (clipboard service, 3D acceleration; Solaris & Darwin hosts only; bug #3199)
  • NAT: fixed occasional crashes when the guest is doing traceroute (non-Windows hosts; bug #3200)
  • NAT: fixed crashes under high load (bug #3110)
  • NAT: fixed truncated downloads (Windows hosts only, bug #3257)
  • NAT: don’t intercept TFTP packages with a destination address different from the builtin TFTP server (bug #3112)
  • USB: several fixes for USB passthrough on Linux hosts
  • USB: reduced host CPU utilization if EHCI is active
  • VRDP: fixed VRDP server black screen after a client reconnect (bug #1989)
  • VRDP: modified rdesktop client (rdesktop-vrdp) now uses NumLock state synchronization (bug #3253)
  • LsiLogic: make FreeBSD guests work (bug #3174)
  • ATA: fixed deadlock when pausing VM due to problems with the virtual disk (e.g. disk full, iSCSI target unavailable)
  • iSCSI: fixed possible crash when pausing the VM
  • 3D support: added missing GL_MAX_TEXTURE_COORDS_ARB (bug #3246)
  • Windows Additions: fixed ERROR (e0000101) error during installation (bug #1923)
  • Windows Additions: fixed Windows Explorer hang when browsing shared folders with 64 bit guests (bug #2225)
  • Windows Additions: fixed guest screen distortions during a video mode change
  • Windows Additions: fixed the Network drive not connected message for mapped shared folders drives after the guest startup (bug #3157)
  • Linux Additions: fixed occasional file corruption when writing files in O_APPEND mode to a shared folder (bug #2844)
  • Linux Additions: the mouse driver was not properly set up on X.Org release candidates (bug #3212)
  • Linux Additions: fixed installer to work with openSUSE 11.1 (bug #3213)
  • Linux Additions: disable dynamic resizing if the X server is configured for fixed resolutions
  • Linux/Solaris Additions: handle virtual resolutions properly which are larger than the actual guest resolution (bug #3096)

Pilnas pakeitimų sąrašas.

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