Pirmoji kandidatinė Opera naršyklės versija

lapkričio 14, 2009 – 10:08

Opera logotipas Penktadienis. Trylikta. Šia proga Opera Software išleido dar vieną atnaujinimą Opera naršyklei. Naują RC (Release Candidate) versiją testavimams. Tiesa, tai vis dar bandomoji stadija, tačiau tai ir reiškia, jog galime išbandyti ir pasižiūrėti ką turėsime ateityje. Tačiau nepamirškite, jog ši versija jau nebesiinstaliuos atskirame kataloge – bus perrašyta jūsų jau turima Opera versija.
Tiesiog parsisiųskite ir išbandykite.

Pakeitimų sąrašas anglų k.

  • User Interface
    • Help pages open in new tabs
    • Removed shopping.com from Speed Dial
  • Watch out for Jason
    • Fixed Bug DSK-144064 (Return key opens Mail page instead of submitting forms or entering newline)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-267770 (Use cache when requesting favicons)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-270018 (Add widgets.opera.com to trusted sites)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-268417 (File access for every keypress when searching from address bar)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-268879 (Russian Yandex uses same IDs as English Yandex)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-269943 (EULA in Japanese on Linux has strange square box marks)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-270495 (Hitting Escape in Confirm Exit dialog hides Opera)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-270578 (Searching with g space leaks memory)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-270676 (New Hide Opera functionality can prevent exit)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-270800 (Amazon search present in Italian install [it])
    • Fixed Bug DSK-270814 (Default bookmarks with broken UUID)
  • Core
    • Fixed Bug DSK-231216 (Crash while background page is loading)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-266313 (It is possible to cancel the master password dialog and still change the setting)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-270155 (Crash when entering invalid URL if search field is enabled on error pages)
  • Mail
    • Fixed Bug DSK-265537 (Search doesn’t search in sent items)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-270172 (Sent mail always shows up in received mail with IMAP)
  • Unite
    • Improved 404 error page
    • Added the service _asd, that provides the list of services in the „ASD“ format
    • Changes to confirm exit dialog prefs to account for new three-state pref (exit, hide, show dialog): New pref for Unite exit confirmation
  • Improvements to Unite service performance
    • Fixed Bug CORE-24426 (Opera sends 3 UPnP NOTIFY messages each time a tab is closed)
    • Fixed Bug CORE-25294 (Add device name to UPnP friendly name)
    • Fixed Bug CORE-25435 (Opera does a fraud check for admin domains)
    • Fixed Bug CORE-25545 (Domain in cookies must be punycoded)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-265783 (Cannot access properties of services that have never been started)
    • Reverted Fix to Bug DSK-265783 (Cannot access properties of services that have never been started)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-267197 (Disabling Unite sometimes disables it only for current session)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-268520 (Make pref DoNotUseOperaAccount work)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-269895 (Not able to load homepage if username uses IDN)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-269778 (If Opera can’t connect to auth, Unite doesn’t start when Opera restarts with unite enabled)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-270093 (Implement new confirm exit dialogs)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-270351 (Unite applications never started after restart)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-270490 (Ok button disabled)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-270664 (Applications are not started after first install)
  • Windows
    • Unicode compatibility layer improvement
    • Fixed Bug DSK-190480 (Java error: MSVCR71.dll not found)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-267075 (Unable to upgrade Opera installed to 2-byte named directory)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-268192 (Crash in code to open the firewall (Unite))
  • Mac
    • Small Java fixes
    • Fixed Bug DSK-246913 (Opening external link when set to Start-up dialog freezes Opera)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-265390 (Freezes when accessing IPv6 sites)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-266578 (Java Crash)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-268873 (Implement smarter IPv6/IPv4 connection to prevent stalled loading or errors)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-270785 (Error about too many instances of this browser running on Norwegian BankID sites)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-270796 (About Opera moved back into Help menu)
  • Unix
    • Partial fix to Bug DSK-267544 (Simplify wrapper script)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-267550 (Opera binds a multicast socket to the UPnP port, but binds it to the wrong IP)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-267557 (Mouse click in page cycle dialog doesn’t work with qt3)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-268271 (bookmarks.adr and speeddial.ini are created with readonly (444) permissions on clean install)
    • Fixed Bug DSK-270347 (Hide Opera in Exit dialog doesn’t work with Qt4 builds)

Windows MSI / Windows Classic
Macintosh (universali versija) / Macintosh (tik Intel)

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