Išleista Transmission 1.80 Beta 1

9 gruodžio, 2009 – 10:48

Transmission logotipas Populiaraus BitTorrent tinklų kliento Linux sistemoms Transmission kūrėjai vėl išleido smulkų atnaujinimą Transmission’ui. Jį jau galite parsisiųsti iš Transmission namų svetainės arba įsidiegti per sistemos paketų valdiklį.

Su Transmission pagaliau ir vėl galėsime naudotis The Pirate Bay pilnu pajėgumu (magnet nuorodų palaikymas).

Pasikeitimai visom platformom

  • Magnet link support
  • If a torrent has multiple tracker tiers, announce to them in parallel
  • Add optional „incomplete directory“ where partial downloads are stored
  • Trackerless torrent support
  • Append .part to incomplete files
  • Improved IPv6 support
  • Faster management of very large peer lists
  • When seeding, prefetch the data we upload
  • IPv6 support for the DHT (dht 0.11)
  • Improved DHT bootstrapping
  • Improved PEX support
  • Brand-new torrents with no downloaded data don’t have to wait in the „Verify Local Data“ queue
  • Fix potential crash on shutdown when port forwarding is disabled
  • Various bug fixes and performance tweaks
  • Add first-time user prompt as per the proposed „Informed P2P User Act“


  • When creating a torrent, make it easier to auto-add that new torrent
  • Added support for adding torrents by URL
  • Add optional „download complete“ sound using the XDG sound naming spec
  • New statusbar „Ratio“ icon submitted by jimmac
  • Fix minor memory leaks


  • Redesigned trackers inspector tab with favicons and copy-paste functionality (paste lists of multiple trackers)
  • Message log stores all messages and does real filtering
  • Quick Look restored on Snow Leopard
  • Moving data and incomplete folder are now handled by libtransmission
  • Improved reveal in Finder functionality on Snow Leopard
  • Various smaller behavior and interface tweaks


  • Reload settings.json when receiving SIGHUP
  • When running as a daemon, send log messages to syslog
  • transmission-remote now allows per-torrent speed limits to be set


  • Add speed limit „turtle mode“ support to the web client
  • Double-clicking a torrent opens/closes the torrent inspector

Dėmesio! Programos kūrėjai šią „Transmission“ versiją pažymi kaip negalutinę ir nerekomenduoja ją naudoti ir tikėtis stabilumo.

Pilnas pakeitimų sąrašas.

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